Low Vision Game Review – Evidence 111

Evidence 111 is an interactive audio game for mobile platforms. A thrilling story brought to life with blind accessibility in mind. This is our Blind / Low Vision Review.

Review copy provided by Play By Ears


Evidence 111 is an interactive audio game for mobile platforms Android and iOS. My experience with this type of games was zero so I was interested in knowing how this would work. It puts you in the role of Alice Wells, a chief inspector going through blackmail which creates an interesting narrative out of the police solves a crime cliché.


Main menu of Evidence 111. There is a white finger print in the middle of the screen and the text "touch with one or two finger" is read. In the background the is a lonely street with old buildings on a rainy night

When we start the game, the Narrator lets you know the options and their corresponding controls. Swipe right to start a new game, swipe left to load a game previously started, and by swiping up you can turn on or off the assistance for players requiring the narrator and swipe controls.

When you start a new game the narrator explains how the gameplay and controls work. It tells you that Evidence 111 is an audio game, and it features basic controls with no graphics. You can pause the game at any time by swiping down with two fingers, swipe right to skip the current scene and go to the next choice, swipe left to repeat the current scene, up to activate help on how to use the controls. The game saves the progress automatically and tells you that for the best experience, we should use headphones, but since my phone has good quality stereo speakers, I decided to play like that.

Right after the first chapter starts, we get to make our first choice. Before that decision, the narrator provides information about how the selection works. In those key moments, the story pauses, and we can affect the story outcome. To select the first option, we swipe right, to select the second one, we swipe left and to repeat the options, swipe up. It’s very easy to understand and perform.

Screen with a black background showing the previous, pause and forward buttons on the top. The name Alice, is in the middle, Pack on the left side and Get the Evidence in the right side.

After the next part of the game, the narrator explains how some decisions directly affect the situation you’re currently in, and sometimes they need a direct answer like yes or no. Swiping right, yes, swiping left no. This order remains consistent through the whole game.

Later you get to choose from three options. The first and second options order remains the same and the third one is selected by swiping down. Finally, the narrator provides the last piece of the tutorial, and warns us about the consequences of our choices through the game and its outcome.


The audio is amazing, everything is so clear, with directional sound that creates a realistic and immersive atmosphere. This 3D sound landscape is even better thanks to the brilliant voice actors. I love a good performance and that is present here. The story feels like a mix of the classic radio shows and a choose your own adventure book.

Final Thoughts

Evidence 111 is extremely easy to play and understand, thanks to its design and high-quality audio that bring the good story to life making it barrier free for low vision and blind players. It might be my first audio game, but it has left a very positive impression and I would love to play more games like this one, lying down in bed and finding new situations and outcomes to Alice’s story.

Low Vision Game Review - Evidence 111

Overall Score - 10