Review Scores Guide

This is a resume of the criteria we use for the review scores and their meaning. Please note the following:

  • Each type of disability may require different factors to be evaluated so the same concept can have totally distinct meanings.
  • The concepts used can change from one game to another depending on if they are applicable or not. For example, if a game has no combat gameplay it makes no sense to evaluate Combat Sounds.
  • The scores values range from the lowest, 0, to the highest 10. 0 is the worst, 10 would be perfect, if such a thing exists.
  • The Overall Score is an average value calculated by adding up all the values and then dividing it by the number of factors considered.
  • Review scores are not an exact measurement of a game’s accessibility as different individuals have their own unique needs. Please read the review to find out exactly what every game can offer for you in terms of accessibility.